4 Ways to Make Your Next Hotel Visit More Eco-Friendly

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4 Ways to Make Your Next Hotel Visit More Eco-Friendly

4 Ways to Make Your Next Hotel Visit More Eco-Friendly

8 June 2016
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If you like to stay eco-friendly, there's no need to put those principles on hold when you visit a hotel. Of course, you won't be able to control how the establishment is run, but you can take a number of steps before you book, while you're there, and after you leave in order to make your visit as eco-friendly as possible.

1. Treat it Like Your Home

One of the reasons people tend to be wasteful when they visit a hotel is that they will be charged the same amount regardless of their use of water and electricity. That makes it tempting to take nice long, hot showers and leave laptops and TVs on when they aren't really needed. The first step to an eco-friendly hotel visit is simply to imagine that you're paying the utilities yourself.

2. Use the Lights Right

One of the odd things about hotel rooms is that they'll usually have a number of different lights fitted. You might have one off the entrance way (however short), one for each bed, one for the desk, and another main one for the room itself. Make sure you only turn on the lights as needed. You won't need that main one on when you're reading in bed, and you won't need any of them but the main one on while you're getting changed in the morning.

3. Consider the Location

It doesn't matter how eco-friendly you are in the room itself, those acts will be negated if you need to spend plenty of time driving to and from the hotel, so take the location into account. If you'll merely be staying one night for business before catching a flight the next day, look for something close to the airport. If you'll be taking in the sights of the city over a few days, look for somewhere close to the centre.

4. Leave Feedback

Most hotels will ask you to leave feedback, so you can continue making things eco-friendlier by highlighting any problems. Sure, a hotel won't necessarily act on what you say, but telling them about any environmentally-damaging practices that they have adopted is always worth a shot. You can even give them a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter to draw attention to any current eco-friendly practices. This will encourage others to visit and help put pressure on nearby establishments to up their environmental game.

It doesn't matter whether you're back at home or staying in a five-star resort, there are always ways to make things eco-friendlier, including the tips listed above.

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