3 great wedding transportation tips for all brides

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3 great wedding transportation tips for all brides

3 great wedding transportation tips for all brides

21 June 2016
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Planning a wedding is no easy task. You'll be bombarded with a huge list of dos and don'ts from friends and family, which builds the anxiety even more. One thing most brides fail to have a critical look at is the transportation. If you have events scheduled at several different locations, you need to make sure your guests can successfully get from one point to another. It gets a bit harder if you've got a large number of guests in your wedding. If you're thinking of hiring charter buses or shuttles to move large numbers of people, then here is a comprehensive guide to assist you with your transportation.

Know your timeline

One important thing you need to know is how the events will unfold and how much time they'll each take. Time is one of the most important things that will affect your transportation requirements. Know things like when you'll get your hair done, the number of people who will accompany you to the salon, where the reception is located and whether there will be any activities at night.

Having a clear timeline that includes the events before and after the wedding and the number of people who will need transportation will assist you in picking the right company. You'll have an idea of the availability of the buses and be able to work out a schedule with the drivers. Remember to start booking early enough particularly if your wedding is going to take place in high-season months.

Plan your shuttle times well

After hiring suitable charter buses or shuttles for transporting your guests from the church to the reception, then you'll need to ensure the pickup times are well known. Include at least 20 minutes between each pickup point so that people have the opportunity to take pictures.

To save on costs, you can also try reducing the sizes of the buses needed. For instance, it'll be cheaper to have two 25-seaters carrying 50 people in two trips as opposed to one huge 50-seater in a single trip.

Also remember to give a time allowance for the late comers. If the scheduled pick-up time is 11 a.m., then have shuttles at 10:45, 11 and 11:15.

See the vehicles in person

If you really want to guarantee you've gotten the best vehicles, see the vehicles in person. That way, you can be assured that there will be no surprises. If it's in the summer, the air conditioning has got to work. No one will be comfortable sitting in a hot bus after all that dancing. Also confirm that the vehicles are spacious enough for the bridal party to fit. You can even talk to the driver and ensure that he's fully licensed and insured.

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