Developments in the Hospitality Industry That Will Affect Hotel Operation in 2017

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Developments in the Hospitality Industry That Will Affect Hotel Operation in 2017

Developments in the Hospitality Industry That Will Affect Hotel Operation in 2017

2 February 2017
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As consumers' demands change every day in the hospitality industry, there are changes expected in how hotel owners operate in 2017. There is no better way to learn about these changes than to consult a hotel broker. Changes in technology and personal client needs have seen the hospitality industry adjust to keep up. As expected, hotel brokers have to keep abreast of these changes to consult hotel owners appropriately. Here are some trends expected in 2017 and how they will affect the hospitality industry.

In-room technology

The trend to improve technology you get in hotel rooms should continue to expand and improve based on findings by hotel brokers. High definition flat screens, High-speed Wi-Fi and many more gadgets to improve a client's stay in a hotel room will affect how a hotel increases their guest list.  In 2017, this will change the hotel industry in 2017 as visitors choose hotels while on business trips or enjoying a holiday in summer destinations.

Additional public social places

There is more focus on public social spaces in hotels based on studies done by hotel brokers. As such, these changes are likely to affect how many guests you get at any one time in the hotel industry base on research on hotel trends in 2017.

Cafes, seating areas outdoors, and other open social places are essential as clients get to mingle while staying at your hotel. Hotel brokers mention that this trend will gain interest in the hospitality industry in 2017. Therefore, hotels looking to renovate their hotel spaces should ensure they increase these social spaces around the hotel. For instance, if there is a pub for sale, you can choose to outsource or buy their services in case your hotel does not have a bar.  

Mobile app check in

According to hotel brokers, clients in hotels are now using mobile apps more than they did in the previous years to get services fast. Therefore, an app used for visitors to check in to a hotel is a service that will be expected by clients of any hotel to ease the check-in process as opposed to waiting in the lobby.

More food options

Previously, there most common food option was getting room service in a hotel. However, this has changed over the years and is likely to expand in 2017. Most hotel brokers suggest hotels include at least 3 or more dining choices: coffee shops, bar and lounge, and luxury restaurants in the hotel.

Hotel owners should enlist the services of a hotel broker to provide them with these and more hotel industry trends that will affect them in 2017. By so doing, hoteliers are bound to improve their services and gain more revenue and profit via an increase of clients.

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